Why Cleaning Your Gutters in November Can Save You Thousands of Dollars Come April

It’s almost time to break out that ladder and scrape those gutters clean! Hurray! [lol] Why? Because it could save you thousands of dollars and countless headaches. Cleaning out your gutters may seem like a menial and simple task, and it is, but the effort you put into this menial project, year after year, can pay dividends. Here are 3 major reasons to stay on top of this task, every fall –


Reason 1: ICE DAMS

One of the best ways to prevent the ice dams seen in Figure 2 is to just get up on a ladder for a half day and clean those gutters out in November. Ice dams can add a crazy amount of weight to your gutter and if they don’t detach from your home, you can end up with a bent gutters rail here and there. Bent gutters can cost $200+ to repair and reseal (for just a single area) and over $500 to replace. Don’t let this happen. Clean those gutters.


Reason 2: BROKEN DOWNSPOUTS (Caused By Ice)


Leaves can build up around a downspouts outlet in the fall when rainwater works its way from one side of a gutter toward the downspouts outlet  carrying with it  all the leaves and debris that were never cleaned out in November. Over time, the rainwater pulls this debris into the downspout through the outlet and when winter hits, you get ice buildup around the outlet and throughout the downspout. This added weight breaks many of the downspouts connections and in the spring you have to spend $150+ on multiple repairs or $300 on full replacements.


Reason 3: ROT (Caused By Ice & Rainwater)


This is the worst, usually caused by 2 or more years of continuous exposure to water and ice. When a gutter is jam packed with leaves and debris, ice dams are a fact of life, year after year. Over time the ice break gutter seals and works it’s way back under your shingles, your ice and water shield and through your fascia board and sophits. During the summer months, heavy rain has no where to go so it pours out over your gutters and down the side of the fascia and your house. This slowly eats away at the board and any nails or screws holding things together. This is a nightmare because mold begins to grow everywhere and your insulation loves mold. Repairs here can range from $500 to $7500 depending on the damage. So clean those gutters, every single year. It’s a free workout and it saves you money –


HandiWorks offers a 5-Point Gutter Cleanout service where we clean out your gutters and downspouts, check that gutter elbows, downspouts and brackets are firmly fastened for the winter and we bag up all debris in specialty contractor bags for garbage day. You can book that service here.


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