The Company

The company was founded initially as Danny’s Handyman Service in the fall of 2003 as way to circumvent the gym and help out elderly neighbors with repair tasks in my neighborhood. In 2006 we changed the name over to Danny’s Handyman & Remodeling Services, where we began to take on commercial maintenance as well as medium size residential remodels. We shifted again in 2014 and eventually found a permanent name we all liked: HammerWorks Construction Co. Under HammerWorks we’ve taken on full scale residential additions and remodels as well as Commercial and Government building restorations in Boston while still providing handy services to our original Metro Boston and suburban client base.

Staying true to our humble handyman company beginnings, we decided to launch The HandiWorks Company in the fall of 2017 to offer new and existing clients a better handyman experience. In short, we didn’t forget where we started.


The look on someones face when you help them out is priceless. There’s no better feeling in the world than to know you made a difference in someones life. We see this a lot in the trades when we fix or build something for a client and we take great pride in that. – but service extends beyond the for-profit world, as it should – over the past decade we’ve founded many projects both locally and internationally. Some of these projects include: In 2004, a backpack drive for the sprawling homeless community in Tampa FL. In 2010, helping a homeless man here in Boston (who had 2 masters degrees from ivy league schools) find housing and work, his story made national news. In 2012 helping launch a grassroots hurricane relief response in New York City called Occupy Sandy which ended up leading relief operations city-wide. In 2014, when the city of Detroit decided to shut off water to 40% of it’s residents in 3 months time, we responded with a relief and bill amnesty campaign (that photo up above is of the owner accepting a donation of 100+ 5 gallon gatorade water coolers from a Canadian org called Global Medic), we also got the local government to change municipal laws, which, now reflect Massachusetts water [bill] amnesty and assistance laws. In 2017, we mobilized a relief effort to Hurricane Harvey, which expanded to Puerto Rico. In fact, this website, the one you are on made national news because we used it to as the central site for the initial relief and rescue efforts.

Our roots are based in service to others, it’s what drives us. That and our humble beginnings as a handyman company is why we founded The HandiWorks Company – not as a branch of HammerWorks Construction but – as it’s own company, specializing only in HandiWork.

Our Process

With that launch, we decided to simplify and bring the handyman experience up to date with modern technology for new and existing clients. There’s an old way of doing things, and there’s the HandiWorks way.

The old way of doing things:

You call a handyman, leave a message. He calls you back in 2 days. You have to make a consultation appointment. He comes a week later. A few days after that he calls you back with a price. You all agree and the work is performed.

The HandiWorks way of doing things:

1. You browse our services. All of our services are backed by our service guarantee and $12 million in property damage protection.

2. Select a service and date that works for you.

3. You get an instant price for that service on that date.

4. You book and pay and we’re on our way. It’s that simple.


Check out our services below, and thanks for taking the time to read our story 🙂

Danny McGlashing and The HandiWorks Company Team –

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