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It’s been an interesting year for our company, we landed a 2 year HUD contract (since completed) to repair the exterior of the MPTA buildings in Charlestown, the owner managed to change the brakes on his girlfriends car in record time, and handiworks made national news for our relief and rescue work in Texas during Hurricane Harvey. In fact the handiworks website was used initially to coordinate all rescue efforts and to map out the initial relief efforts before our handyman team created a ground coalition that has since spread to Puerto Rico – what a crazy month it’s been.

In honor of all this and with the launch of our online booking system we’re offering 50% off for all new clients who book with us online here from now until 11/14, so, have a list of overdue repairs that’s collecting dust? Loose stairs, a broken door, some new trim you want installed? Whatever it may be (we can finstall and repair anything you can think of) our on-demand Handi-team has you covered. Get an instant quote and book in under 5 minutes:

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