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This Small Piece of Hardware Removes Fear of Entering Stores, Restaurants, Gas Stations

(Image Credit: Michael Loccisano/Staff/Getty Images) People are afraid to enter stores and restaurants right now. I’m one of those people! Here’s a small piece of hardware that completely removed that fear for me. About 3 weeks ago, my wife – stuck in the house with me for weeks, and looking for a sense of normalcy […]

HandiWorks Takes Over HammerWorks Facility Maintenance & Commercial Services

It’s 2018 and we’re stoked to announce that HammerWorks Facility Maintenance and Commercial Services will be moving over here to The HandiWorks Company. With this move you can now get an instant quote and book almost any service right through our website. We’ve also set up a new Commercial Services Division ready to answer any […]

New Autumn Service Offered: Gutter Clean-Outs. Book Now!

gutter cleanouts Cleaning your gutters out is one of the most important and inexpensive home maintenance tasks you can perform year after year. Here at HandiWorks we don’t just clean out the gutters, we also clean out the downspouts, check that gutter elbows, downspouts and brackets are firmly fastened for the winter and we bag […]

Don’t Replace Your Garbage Disposal Until You’ve Pushed This One Button

We’ve had multiple people call in this week with garbage disposal issues. Some that haven’t been working in a while, some that had just recently stopped, others where it sounded as if the disposal was working but water was backing up into the sink.   Chances are, you can fix it with the steps below, […]

Why Cleaning Your Gutters in November Can Save You Thousands of Dollars Come April

It’s almost time to break out that ladder and scrape those gutters clean! Hurray! [lol] Why? Because it could save you thousands of dollars and countless headaches. Cleaning out your gutters may seem like a menial and simple task, and it is, but the effort you put into this menial project, year after year, can […]

The 50% Off For 50 People Promo at HandiWorks, Boston’s Handyman Co. 30 Days only!

Welcome to HandiWorks — we’re taking the headache out of your handyman experience. From now until 11/14 we’re running a special promotion for up to 50 new clients in the Boston, metro, and suburban areas. This promo grants you a full 50% any service, at checkout. Just enter the code ‘5050’ at checkout when booking […]